The Washington Civic Industrial Corporation (WCIC) has endorsed the city’s efforts to plan for expanding the city’s corporate limits.

WCIC members voted Wednesday to support the current annexation plan prepared by the Washington Planning and Zoning Commission.

That plan has been given to the city council which will hold a workshop on it at the Oct. 1 council meeting.

In a letter to the mayor and council, the WCIC recommends moving forward with the proposed annexation.

The corporation said the council should consider annexation “to provide for the efficient emergency response, utility expansion and comprehensive planning for the future growth of the city.”

Annexation, according to the letter, “will aid in the attraction and expansion of future industrial growth resulting in job creation for the city.

“The board understands that changes may be made to the plan at a later date, but feels it is important for the city to move forward with annexation,” the letter states.