The opening of the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington has brought back many memories of the first bridge that opened in 1936.

Old-timers are quick to tell you of their memories of the first bridge.

Katherine Post Graham, 98, who lives off old Highway 100 just east of Washington, called The Missourian to tell of an experience she had while a teenager and was visiting relatives in Washington. She lived in Arkansas at the time before moving to Washington in about 1937. 

“My sister Louise and I decided to walk across the bridge. The man at the toll station didn’t say anything to us, but when walking back the man said we had to pay a toll. I believe it was about a quarter. We didn’t have any money. You know, it was the Depression. Nobody had any money.

“When we told him we didn’t have any money, he motioned for us to go on. I have never forgotten that,” Katherine said.