Grace's Place

January of 2019 saw 3,142 hours of care for children at Grace’s Place Crisis Nursery in Washington — more than any one month period since the charity opened its doors in 2011.

This comes as the Grace’s Place board approved the purchase of a second location in Union to accommodate the ever-present waiting list of children needing care.

The renovation of the second facility, expected to be purchased in the coming weeks, will be offset by the sale of Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Credits that the nonprofit has secured.

“We are really excited to be able to offer our donors the opportunity to purchase NAP credits for a 50 percent return on their taxes,” said Jacque McHugh, board chair. “This is a game changer for our program and we hope that donors will seek us out to take advantage of it.”

Grace’s Place had six homeless children in its care for extended periods of time this January — which is an unprecedented situation, said Amanda Jones, CEO of Grace’s Place.

“And since we only have eight beds in our Washington location, it puts a lot of strain on an already overtaxed group of families and caregivers,” she said. “It really highlights why we need additional facilities.”

“Frigid cold and heavy snowfalls highlighted the amazing dedication of our staff at Grace’s Place,” said McHugh. “We had house parents, the primary caregivers for children who stay with us, working together to make sure that we had no gaps in care, even when it became difficult to navigate the roads. They really pulled together as a team  and demonstrated how our service is completely unlike any other in our community, in that we never close our doors.”

Grace’s Place Crisis Nursery is an emergency shelter for children ages birth to 18 years old. Children can receive care at Grace’s Place seven days a week year-round at no cost to the family.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of shelter for their children call 636-432-1313 or visit www.