All law enforcement officers and their spouses are welcome to visit the Blu Room Wellness Center, located at 1807 Heritage Hills Dr., Washington, for free during the month of January.

The Blu Room is noninvasive therapy combining music and narrowband medical grade UVB light. 

Blu Room sessions consist of 20 minutes of deep relaxation inside an octagon room, illuminated in blue LED and UVB light technology.

Blu Room therapy has been helping with a number of conditions, including relief from pain and inflammation to reducing stress and anxiety. 

“After my first few sessions it helped with my lower back pain when I had two discs out of alignment,” Joe, a regular patient at the Blu Room Wellness Center, said. “The Blu Room also helps me when I’m feeling anxious or nervous. It definitely calms me down and realigns my mental focus after a session.”

The Blu Room Wellness Center also offers yoga and massage therapy services.

For more information, contact the center at 636-432-1731 or, or visit online at