The city likely will begin assessing daily liquidated damages against the contractor building a new T-hangar at Washington Regional Airport.

R.V. Wagner Inc., the general contractor, failed to meet the contract completion date which was last Friday, Nov. 23, said Brian Boehmer, assistant city administrator.

During Monday night’s city council committee meeting, Boehmer said the contractor will be charged $750 for each day the project is not finished. Because the city received grant funds to cover 85 percent of the project cost, the city will receive 15 percent of the damages, Boehmer told the council.

“If you have driven by there, they aren’t anywhere near finished at all,” Boehmer told the committee. “We’ll be lucky to be complete by the first week of January, but we could get bad weather between now and Christmas and that would push them back further.”

Boehmer said the city will work with the Missouri Department of Transportation, which administered the grant funding, on how to proceed with charging damages against the contractor.

Ray Frankenberg II of Washington Aviation Inc., which manages the airport, said the footings and floor have been installed and some of the building materials have arrived on site.

He also stressed that the city’s cost to build the new 12-unit hangar is 15 cents on the dollar thanks to grant funds. Frankenberg gave an update report Monday morning to the Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee.

Frankenberg said the city is evaluating rents charged for hangar space at other airports and the plan is to set rates “at or above” those levels.

The airport here is run primarily as a “door to the city,” Frankenberg remarked, and caters more to business-related aircraft activities. He estimated that more than half to three-fourths of fuel sales are for business aircraft.

“We’re trying to give preference to businesses on hangar space but that is difficult with the current contract,” Frankenberg said. He noted that the city plans to look at rewriting hangar space contracts.

Next Project

Frankenberg said the next major improvement needed at the airport is to raise the parking area and tarmac out of the floodplain to keep the airport functioning during floods.

There also is a need in the future to extend the runway, he said, noting that he would like to see 2,000 feet added to the existing 5,000-foot-long airstrip.

Total cost for the project, originally estimated at $1.2 million, is now $947,502.

Wagner was awarded the contract on a $799,000 bid to construct the pre-engineered hangar unit that will provide space for two large and 10 smaller aircraft.

Other costs associated with the project include $51,411.89 in design services and $97,090.51 for construction services.

Currently, the Washington Regional Airport has 20 single hangar units and four large units.

There is a waiting list of more than 24 pilots seeking hangar space at the airfield off Highway 47 in Warren County.