The Washington Park Board agreed at its meeting last week to recommend $4,000 as the fee for a potential monster truck show in the Motor Sports Arena at the fairgrounds.

The recommendation will be voted on by city council members.

The fee includes a $2,000 deposit and the other $2,000 will cover use of the fairgrounds.

Parks Director Wayne Dunker said Lloyd Wideman contacted him about hosting a monster truck show in June.

“If he doesn’t destroy anything he’ll get $2,000 back,” said Dunker.

The price is a one-time fee for now. After the event, the fee will be evaluated.

“Let’s run with it and monitor it,” said Gavin Woolley, board member. “If it runs smoothly then we’ll get a good idea if it’s a good fee.” 

Wideman estimates the show will draw in about 3,000 people. Dunker said Wideman has put on several monster truck shows before.

“I think it would be a great event,” said Chad Owens, parks foreman.

Board members agreed the event will need to be over by midnight so those living around the fairgrounds won’t be kept up all night.