An engineering firm was hired by the city of Washington to help develop a solution to flash flooding at a home near St. Francis Borgia Regional High School.

The city council Monday approved an ordinance entering into an agreement with Buescher, Frankenberg & Associates for a High Street and Ron Avenue watershed improvements study.

Public Works Director John Nilges said during flash flooding the storm sewers in that area get inundated and stormwater is diverted from the sewers to the surface, increasing the potential for residential flooding.

The KC Hall pond and three detention basins located on Borgia High School are meant to hold water back and prevent flooding.

Nilges explained that the city will work with the KC Hall and Borgia High School to evaluate if there is a way to improve their basins to reduce the risk of flooding a home on Ron Avenue.

According to Nilges, water is touching the foundation of the home during flash floods.

BFA, Inc. will survey and analyze how the system currently operates so a solution can be found.

BFAs will be paid $8,760, which will be funded out of the stormwater fund, Nilges added.

The council voted 78-0 to approve the ordinance. Councilman Mark Wessels was not at the meeting.