Dog Park Opens 201730.jpg

Washington’s new dog park may already be growing.

Since opening in late May, the South Point Bark Park has been busy with dog visitors. The park could soon be getting bigger to create a separate space for smaller breeds.

Parks and Recreation Director Darren Dunkle said the park could easily be reconfigured to create two separate spaces.

Members of the Washington Dog Park Group suggested dividing the area into space for big breeds and small breeds. The idea was to split the 1.8-acre site on Simmonds Avenue near the wastewater treatment plant. The park board backed the idea, but the park opened without the divider.

The idea was brought up again at the Sept. 7 park board meeting. Amy Niehaus with the Dog Park Group, said a small dog area is still desired. However, Niehaus said dog park visitors didn’t want to make the large area any smaller.

Dunkle said there is an area west of the current fence for small dogs. Because the dog park fencing is in panels, he said it should be fairly easy to change the configuration of the park.

Crews would need to measure out the area and see if a small dog portion could be created. Dunkle said the idea would be to keep the initial entrance the same.

Dogs would enter the same general area before being filtered into the separate dog areas.

“That would be the ideal situation,” he said.

Dunkle said parks crews would take a look at the area soon and explore all the options. The new area would be constructed with leftover panels from the original fence and new panels bought with a $5,000 donation from the Lions Club.

Niehaus said the dog park people would prefer an area about 1/4 of an acre for the small dogs.