There were seven exhibitors who were paid a total of $8,100 by buyers during the dairy auction at the Washington Fair

The cows were not sold. The successful bidders received a dairy bucket with products, and a $125 gift certificate to Schnucks.

The average price paid Saturday was $1,120.

Held Saturday afternoon during the Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction, the grand champion of the dairy show entry, shown by Elizabeth Scheer, New Haven, was purchased by Jim and Sharon Strubberg. The couple paid $1,500 for the grand champion entry. Strubberg operates an accounting service in Union and New Haven.

Willard and Mary Lou Luecker, New Haven, bid $1,200 for the reserve champion entry, exhibited by Michael Vedder, New Haven.

The other successful bidders:

MFA Co-Op No. 2 (Washington, New Haven and Marthasville) and the Strubbergs bought Maria Vedder’s entry for $1,000. She is from New Haven.

Pepsi-Cola of New Haven and the Strubbergs paid $1,000 for Brady Vedder’s entry. Brady is of New Haven.

Backes-Toelke Agriculture (New Haven) paid $1,000 for exhibitor Brooke Vedder’s entry. She is from New Haven.

RE/MAX Gold IV/Jeanne Hoelscher and Koch Chi-Angus Farms, both of Washington, bid $1,100 for David Ley’s entry; David is from Washington.

Hackmann’s Dairy, Marthasville, bid $1,300 for Thomas Ley’s entry; Thomas is from Washington.

At the 2016 dairy auction the gross was $10,400.