Franklin County Commission

First District County Commissioner Tim Brinker bantered over a disagreement with fellow Commissioner Mike Schatz at Tuesday’s meeting.

Schatz described the banter as “tongue-in-cheek” and said there were no “personal attacks.”

Brinker agreed that it was done in “light humor and jest.”

The banter on Tuesday was in reference to an article that appeared in last weekend’s edition of The Missourian, Brinker said.

The Missourian article was headlined “Brinker, Schatz Disagree on Economic Development Director.”

The article focused on how Brinker said he would like to hire a county economic development director at some point while Schatz does not agree with the idea.

Brinker said he thinks an economic development director could help bring jobs to the county. But Schatz said he does not know if the county would get much benefit from such a position since the county does not have its own industrial park.

During the meeting Tuesday, Brinker made a few veiled references to the article by saying that he and Schatz agreed on various action items.

For instance, during the meeting the commissioners appointed a member to the Franklin County Transportation Committee, which is typically considered routine business.

After Schatz made the motion to appoint the member, Brinker said, “I’ll agree with Commissioner Schatz and second (the motion).”

Brinker made a similar comment about agreeing with Schatz on another routine motion to approve an AT&T service agreement on behalf of the sheriff’s office.

“Come on, where’s all the scandal?” Brinker said.

During the meeting, Brinker also joked that there was a “disconnect on the commission.”

Schatz responded by simply saying, “controversy.”

Do Not Always Agree

After the meeting The Missourian asked Brinker and Schatz about the banter that took place.

Schatz said he, Brinker and Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer, are “all adults” and there will be times that they do not all agree. Schatz added that the commissioners behave like “grown-ups” and that there are times when issues do not always go their way.

The three commissioners get along “really well” with each other even if they don’t agree on everything, Schatz said. That is what makes it a democracy, he added.

Despite different viewpoints that the commissioners may hold on some issues, there is always respect for each other’s opinions, Schatz said.

Brinker agreed, saying, “I totally respect Mike’s opinion. He’s a good representative of his district and a good commissioner.”

Schatz said there may be a time when he changes his mind on the need for an economic development director but hiring such a person is not on his radar now.

Brinker agreed that there are times he and Schatz may not see issues the same way.

“Quite frankly, we don’t always agree on everything any time,” Brinker said. “We discuss things and come to a conclusion and make the decision in the best interest of the county. Whether there is a disagreement or not, I don’t know if that’s truly news to the folks out there.”

Brinker added, “The ultimate news is the end result of the accomplishments or the lack of accomplishments in some cases perhaps.”

Brinker said he found the news article about the disagreement “humorous.”

The Missourian does a great job capturing the interest of the readers with headlines, Brinker added.