Counterfeit $20 bills have been found at multiple area businesses.

Washington police said fake $20s have been turned in by Walmart and Lion’s Choice. The bills were found in deposits by the store.

Police do not have a suspect.

Washington police have encountered counterfeit bills several times in 2017. Police said those cases are being handled by the United States Secret Service.

Police have been unable to contact the Secret Service about the current bills.

Washington police are unsure if the different counterfeit waves are all connected.

Finding the Fakes

With the recent bills having made their way from the counterfeiters to the banks, police are again reminding businesses and consumers to be on the lookout for the fake money. Businesses should double check cash. Consumers also should check any change received from area businesses to see if any of the bogus bucks were passed back as change.

There are many ways to check for a fake bill. One way to check is to feel the money — real bills have a different feel than what is being passed around, police said.

Another way to spot a phony is to hold the bill up to a light. Newer $10s, $20s and higher denomination bills have hidden watermarks. The images and words can only be seen when the bill is exposed to light.

The easiest way to check if a bill is bad or not is to look at the lower right-hand corner. On newer bills the number is a hologram that “shimmers” when the bill is moved around. The number appears to change color from green to gold. Counterfeiters can’t duplicate that effect.

Anyone with any information about the counterfeit bills should contact police at 636-390-1050.