A budget amendment was approved Monday, Aug. 5, by the Washington City Council that will allow for technology upgrades at the library.

The council voted 7-0 to move $7,500 from the library development fund to the technical services fund.

The move follows a recommendation last month by the Washington Public Library Board. The board agreed to enter into a contract with NOC Technology, previously called Wash PC.

As part of the contract, the city will donate 40 virtual computers to the library. Miller said the virtual machines are like mini computers.

The cost of replacing one of the virtual machines is about $100 versus $1,000 which is needed to purchase computers like the ones located on the second floor of the library.

The virtual machines will automatically reset themselves at every logoff.

NOC also will update computers, which provides a costs saving to the library.

The library computers would connect to the NOC data center by creating multiple paths so that the connections are always up.

There also will be additional bandwidth under the new contract, which makes it faster to check out books.

Councilman Greg Skornia was not at the meeting.