Commercial building permits and estimated construction costs were down last year compared to the previous year.

There were four permits issued for commercial buildings last year, with estimated construction costs of $2,992,650, compared to 10 permits for commercial buildings in 2016, with estimated construction costs of $3,023,594.

There were five permits for commercial buildings in 2015, with estimated construction costs of $2,578,060; and 10 commercial projects in 2014, with estimated construction costs of $4,677,125.

There were three commercial projects last year that topped $1 million, including construction of the Casey’s General Store, located at 1501 High St., with a estimated value of $2,500,000.

A permit was issued to  Richard Marquart for interior renovation at 330 W. Front St. for the estimated value of $1,500,000.

There was a permit approved for ESI Constructors for an industrial addition at 360 M. E. Frick Drive with the value of $7,500,000.

Following are the new commercial projects, including additions and alterations, in 2017, and the total estimated value of each:

Center for Employment, 1698 W. Main St., monopole telecommunications, $91,000.

Walmart Supercenter, 1701 A Roy Drive, heat recovery system, $68,624.

Cowboy’s Holdings, 830 W. Fifth St., tenant finish for expansion, $5,000.

Bruce Elder, 200 E. Fifth St., interior renovation, $8,000.

Elite Survival Systems, 310 W. 12th St., industrial addition, $382,000.

Mercy Hospital, 901 E. Fifth St., replace existing MRI, $250,000.

Titan Transport & Recovery, 2475 E. Fifth St., outlets and lighting, $3,530.

St. Francis Borgia Church, 314 W. Second St., doorway enlargement, $7,830.

Salt Fork Property Company, 401 Lafayette St., commercial addition, $37,000.

Washington Elks Club, 1327 W. Fifth St., parking lot expansion, $350,000.

U.S. Beef Corp., 1920 Washington Crossing, commercial alteration, $5,583.

M-K Distributing Co., 6310 Bluff Road, furnace and AC replacement, $6,188.

Matt Vouse, 1088 Washington Square, tile and counter replacement, $18,000.

Walmart Supercenter, 1701 A Roy Drive, electronics/photo lab alteration, $40,000.

Eckelkamp Enterprises, 208 Oak St., commercial interior remodel, $10,000.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 711 Industrial Ave., concrete pad, $4,500.

Orscheln Farm & Home, 868 Washington Corners, shop upgrade, $59,550.

Tiffany Nieder, 113 Jefferson St., commercial alteration, $4,500.

Northern Star Homes, 1980 Washington Crossing, commercial alteration, $50,000.

Orscheln Farm & Home, 860 Country Corners, sprinkler, $3,300.

Shrimp King, 544 E. Fifth St., commercial addition, $400.

Integrated Facility Service, 401 E. 14th St., industrial alteration, $349,000.

Ernesto Cruz, 1600 Heritage Hills, commercial alteration, $66,500.

Jasper Development, 2002 Phoenix Center Drive, commercial alteration, $85,000.

Robert Stork, 391 WW Industrial Park, commercial alteration, $125,000.

Lawlor Corporation, 901 Patients First Drive, commercial alteration, $8,000.

Franklin County Animal Medical, 921 W. 14th St., commercial addition, $45,000.

Eagan Building Group, 11 W. Main St., commercial alteration, $1,500.

Regina Close, 1713 Madison Ave., commercial alteration, $58,240.

Sahm Welding, 6337 Bluff Road, commercial addition, $500,000.

Parker Hannifin Corporation, 206 Lange Drive, industrial alteration, $150,000.

Matthew Barnhart, 545 E. Fifth St. – Sonic, commercial alteration, $1,000.

Midwest Concrete & Construction, 1102 Washington Square, retaining wall, $26,550.

Angela Struckhoff, 516 Louis St. – K-9 Kuts, commercial addition, $250,000.

Riverfront Marketing LLC, 325 W. Front St., commercial alteration, $500.

1400 Jefferson LLC, 1351 Jefferson St., commercial addition, $3,000.

Washington School District, 401 E. 14th St., commercial alteration, $45,000.

Lawlor Corporation, 901 Patients First Drive – Gift Shop, commercial alteration, $45,000.

Frick’s Meat Products, 360 M E Frick Drive, industrial addition, $500,000.

Mark Kluesner, 1261 Veterans Drive, commercial addition, $500.

Rawlings Sporting Goods, 200 Westlink Drive, commercial addition, $50,000.

Lawlor Corporation, 901 Patients First Drive – Pharmacy, commercial alteration, $340,000.

Taco Bell, 777 Washington Square, commercial addition, $35,000.

Westlake Ace Hardware, 810 Washington Corners, commercial alteration, $18,000.

Christy Meyer, 1752 E. Fifth St., commercial alteration, $150,000.

Leo Straatmann, 505 International Ave., commercial alteration, $15,000.

Walgreens, 890 Washington Corners, commercial alteration, $5,500.

Debbie Walkenhorst, 1615 Heritage Hills Drive, commercial alteration, $10,000.

Global Signal Acquisitions, 1071 Clay St., communication tower alteration, $20,000.

Mark Trebacz, 1919 E. Fifth St., commercial addition $3,000.

Sieve Contractors Inc, 515 Washington Ave., commercial alteration, $150,000.

Sieve Contractors Inc., 1902 W. Main St., commercial alteration, $40,000.

Jeff Wilson, 802 Rainbow Drive, commercial building, $400,000.

Robert Kiser, 110 W. Main St., commercial alteration, $4,000.

EF Innovations LLC, 316 Jefferson St., commercial alteration, $6,000.