Washington’s Spring Clean Up, Paint Up and Fix Up campaign kicks off Monday, April 15.

The cleanup will run through Friday, April 19.

All Washington residents are encouraged to take part in the improvement effort to benefit the city.

The goal of the week is to not only make the city and homes look better, but also for fire prevention.

Accumulated paper and other things tucked away in attics are often fire hazards. To encourage residents to rid themselves of the excess, the city is offering a large trash pickup during the week.

An additional truck and workers will be around to pick up the large items. The large pickup will take place on the same day as residents’ regular trash pickup.

The large trash pickup is only available to city residents — no businesses. No one is allowed to dump hazardous waste, tires, demolition waste, motor oils, paint, batteries or yard waste.

White goods, washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators will be accepted.