The Washington Street Department is in the market for some new trucks.

The administration/operation meeting is set for Monday, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m. in the city council chambers. On the agenda for the meeting is a request from the street department to purchase three new trucks.

The department is seeking a 2-ton dump truck, a recycle truck and a refuse truck. The department sought bids for the three trucks and street superintendent Jack Brinker has made recommendations for each truck.

The three trucks would cause older trucks currently in use to be shifted around. The new 2-ton truck would allow an older truck in the fleet, a 1990 truck, to be permanently keep an attached snowplow for backup use.

The new recycle truck would allow the current truck, a 2006 model, to be used in a backup role. The truck also would be used for holiday work when the city has double routes.

Only one truck would be completely taken out of the fleet. The new refuse truck would replace a 1990 model that is currently being used as a backup.

Also on the agenda for Monday’s meeting is a review of the Project Missouri Partnership RFI Scorecard. The scorecard is intended to provide an assessment of a response to a request for information for a site selection project.

A review team checked out Washington in April to analyze the community, the potential workforce and potential sites for businesses looking for a place to move.

A report card was sent back to the city detailing how the city looks to potential businesses.