New Road Treatment

Washington will be launching two pilot programs this year to hopefully preserve asphalt roads and save the city some money.

City Engineer Dan Boyce told the council during the May 27 administration/operations meeting the city plans to test out two new products to seal roads. The two roads were slated for more traditional repairs, but Boyce decided to do something different.

Boyce said he heard about the first product at a Franklin County transportation meeting earlier this year. A representative from Corrective Asphalt Material LLC gave a presentation on a product called Reclamite Asphalt Rejuvenation.

“It was pretty impressive,” Boyce said. “I was impressed enough I invited him back here and he gave us the same presentation with our engineering people.”

After meeting, Boyce said he called around to see if anyone had used the product. Springfield, Mo., and Town and Country reported back with favorable reviews.

“They said they were great products, dramatic difference,” Boyce said.

Based on the reviews, Boyce decided to give it a shot in Washington.

“We decided to try this on a pilot basis to see it for ourselves,” Boyce said.

The Reclamite Asphalt Rejuvenation is applied to the surface as soon as the asphalt is in place. Instead of waiting for cracks to show up before a sealing agent is applied, Boyce said the new product begins the sealing process immediately.

“You don’t want for to it to start cracking, you seal it right away,” Boyce said.

Boyce said the product will be used when the city does the Southbend Drive overlay. The product will be placed on the asphalt from International Avenue to Fifth St.

“It’s going to seal and waterproof the asphalt,” Boyce said.

The product costs $1.12 per square yard and Boyce said the total cost should be less than $7,000.

The other pilot program will work with older asphalt.

Boyce said the target area is on Huxel Drive from Highway 100 to 14th Street. Instead of doing the nova chip program, the city will instead repair the cracks and restore the seal with another new product.

Corrective Asphalt Material will apply CRF Restorative Seal to the road.

To monitor how the product performs, Boyce said workers will check the road on a regular basis. Pictures and videos will be compiled before and after to see just how successful the seal is.

“We’re going to evaluate it over time to see if it’s something we want to incorporate on a larger scale,” he said.

Boyce said if the process works, it could save the city some money down the road.

“It’s about $7,000 less compared to the nova chip,” Boyce said.