Director of Public Services John Nilges said grading work for new cells at the Struckhoff landfill was going well until 6 inches of rain fell last week. The deluge produced an unworkable site and stalled the project.

Nilges said the project has a March 30 deadline so, despite the setback, the grading work should be done on time.

McFry Excavating Inc., Manchester, is grading in preparation for the construction of two new cells. The company was awarded a contract in late January for the work.

The city recently opted to open new landfill cells in lieu of a transfer station. The city had been exploring opening a transfer station and closing the landfill for a few years.

The landfill permit on the Struckhoff farm property off of Bluff Road will expire this year. The city has an option to negotiate for another phase at the landfill which could extend the life another six years.

The council voted in January to delay the transfer station and open the final two cells. McFry has been working on the grading at the site. The deal with McFry will allow the city to excavate the dirt so, when the site is ready, construction on the cells can begin.

SCS Engineers, St. Louis, is working on permitting, design, and construction management for two new cells. The contract with SCS Engineers covers everything from now until the end of the project.

SCS Engineers is the city’s current consultant at the landfill. The total cost of the contract is $191,071.90.

In other landfill news, Street Superintendent Tony Bonastia said since it will be open for the future, he’s looking at ordering litter fences.

The fences will help catch trash. Bonastia said he has gotten some quotes from local businesses for the fences.

He said crews will be able to move them around as needed.