The Washington City Council last week approved the rezoning of two properties located at the northeast intersection of Main Street and Market Street from C-2 to C-3.

On Monday, Dec. 4, the council voted 8-0 to rezone the property owned by developer Andy Unerstall. Plans call for six new residential units on the lots.

There are two structures there, an antique store at 101 E. Main St. and apartments at 105 E. Main St. The apartments are lawfully nonconforming as the property is not zoned for residential use.

According to Community and Economic Development Director Sal Maniaci, the property is the only property in the downtown district with C-2 zoning. The proposed C-3 zoning allows for the same commercial uses as in C-2 but also allows for a mix of residential uses. A C-3 zoning would match properties to the north and to the west.

This property is not part of the Front Street Development TIF.

According to Unerstall, the former Boland Feed Store located on the property will be razed.

“I hate to but, we had a couple of engineers look at it and it’s just not salvageable,” he said. “We can’t raise it. We would just be basically building a shell inside of it to try and hold it up.”

He noted that the building bows 18 inches in the middle.

“It’s only a two-brick wall building,” Unerstall added. “If you jack it up the walls could blow out and things like that.”

The Washington Historic Preservation Commission granted approval of the demolition of the building.

Maniaci stated the rezoning should not be a detriment to the surrounding area and will bring the property into the appropriate zoning given its location downtown.

TIF Project Details

Unerstall is developing the Front Street Development project that has three sites.

The first is the block between Lafayette and Jefferson streets, behind the old Modern Auto building. Unerstall is building eight 2,800-square-foot units at the location.

The second site is located on Front street between Jefferson and Market streets. Residential and commercial buildings are planned.

The site will have a building at the corner of Jefferson and Main streets. Plans call for 4,000 square feet of retail on the first floor and 3,000 square feet of office space on the second floor.

Site No. 3 is the last site in the TIF area. The property would contain four 1,200-square-foot residential units.

As part of the project, power lines from Market to Lafayette would be buried, which is now underway. Additionally, all the sidewalks around the development would be taken out and replaced.

Unerstall has said he anticipates that it will take two to three years for the three sites to be developed.