The two wooden bridges at Phoenix Park in Washington are expected to get a facelift this fall. 

According to Washington Parks Director Wayne Dunker the bridges are in fairly bad shape.  

“The planks of both bridges will be replaced,” he said. 

The park is located at 3001 Phoenix Park Drive, south of the Phoenix Center II shopping complex.   

Dunker noted that the materials have been ordered, but have not been received by the department yet. 

He said staff will start the bridge work once the materials arrive. 

One bridge is located at the northern area of the park and is 50-feet-long. The other is an 85-foot-long bridge crossing over a creek.  

At the park board meeting earlier in the month, Dunker said the department had budgeted $5,000 for the project. 

But in order to replace both bridges the project actually will cost $11,500. 

Additional funding was approved by city council and will appear in the current budget. 

In the meantime, staff has other work to complete at the park. 

“There is a tree that fell at Phoenix recently,” said Dunker. “We should be removing it next week.” 

He noted the tree removal can be done while staff waits for the bridge materials. 

Phoenix Park

The park is a 20-acre tract of land, southwest of the Phoenix Center II retail development. 

It opened to the public in 2008. 

The park features a 4,100-foot-long, 8-foot-wide walking trail.

There also are six ponds in the park, which serve as detention basins to control stormwater runoff. 

The park is home to tennis courts, which were resurfaced last October. Some repair work was done in May due to surfacing issues.