A revised No Visit List for canvassers and solicitors was briefly discussed by the city council at its meeting Monday night.

The discussion was a followup to a complaint made by a citizen at an earlier meeting.

Residents currently have the option to sign up to be on the No Visit List. Solicitors and canvassers are expected to obtain the list and not go to homes on it, or they can face arrest.

While peddlers and solicitors are required to obtain an ID card and possibly pay a fee, canvassers are not.

The revised list includes separate sections for a canvasser, peddler and solicitor with definitions and a consent on each one. The current form does not have definitions.

It defines a canvasser as a person who attempts to make personal contact with a resident without prior invitation for the primary purpose of attempting to enlist support for or against a particular religion, political party or candidate even if the canvasser accepts the donation of money or distributes a handbill or flier advertising a noncommerical event or service.

A peddler is a person attempting to sell a good or service and a solicitor is a person who is attempting to obtain a donation or distributing a handbill or flier advertising a commercial event or service.

The resident filling out the form would have the opportunity to select yes: please include me on the no visit list, or no, please do not include me on the no visit list, for each of the categories.

City council members agreed that the list is better with the definitions.

The city counselor, Mark Piontek, recommended at a previous meeting, changing the ordinance to “throw out” the No Visit List every couple of years and require residents to sign up on a new list.

Council members discussed if the list should be thrown out, and if so, how often.

Councilman Steve Sullentrup suggested starting a new list every two years.

Jeff Mohesky, councilman, and Mayor Sandy Lucy said they think every two years would be adequate.

Josh Brinker, councilman, recommended noting on the form that it is only good for two years, so residents are aware when they sign up they will need to do it every two years.

No formal action was taken on the revised list. It will be brought back to a later meeting for final approval.