A revised agreement for the reconstruction of Stafford and 14th streets next year has been approved by the Washington City Council.

Council members voted unanimously Monday night to adopt a supplemental agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for the project which is being funded chiefly through a federal grant.

City Engineer Dan Boyce said the supplemental agreement is needed because the scope of the project changed, resulting in a reduction in the federal grant amount.

The original design called for the addition of sidewalks on sections of Stafford where there are none now. But those were deleted after objections by some property owners.

Boyce said the revised project will include new sidewalks along the north side of 14th Street, from Jefferson Street to Highway 47. Sections of existing sidewalks and curbing on both Stafford and 14th will be repaired.

On a related matter, the council also authorized an agreement with the Washington School District for temporary easements for grading and construction work for sidewalks along the school district’s 14th Street property.

Boyce said the city plans to seek construction bids by the end of the year or early 2014 and begin work on the project next spring.

The initial cost estimate for the project was $1.3 million, with approximately $1 million provided through the federal grant plus a local match of about $267,000 from the transportation sales tax fund.

Under the revised agreement, the maximum amount of the federal grant is $986,507.

Last month, the city learned that it had been awarded a $44,875 Franklin County grant for the project which involves upgrading Stafford from 14th north to Front Street, and 14th from Stafford east to Highway 47.

The county allocates 5 percent of its transportation sales tax revenue toward grants for cities and special road districts each year.