The number of reports filed by Washington police officers investigating various offenses and incidents during 2012 were up over the previous year.

Officers filed 2,846 reports last year, an increase of 66 over the 2,780 reports posted in the previous 12 months, according to the department’s annual activities report.

The report provides statistics on major crimes investigated, as well as miscellaneous violations and other activities conducted by officers throughout the year.

Police reported receiving total calls of 35,573 in the last 12 months, but reports were not generated in the majority of those cases. The total for 2012 compares to 33,537 calls for service in 2011.

Investigations of burglary, robbery, shoplifting and other stealing cases were up in the city last year.

Also showing increases over 2011 were cases involving sex-related offenses and possession or sale of drugs.

There was a reduction in reports filed in assaults and property damage incidents.

There were no homicide or manslaughter cases reported last year. In 2011, police investigated one vehicular manslaughter case.

Crime Reports

Following are the more major crime statistics in 2012 in which police officers filed reports and a comparison to the previous year:

Rape  — two, down two;

Robbery — four, an increase of two;

Assaults — 72, down 31;

Arson — three, an increase of two;

Knowingly burning — five, no change;

Burglaries — 73, up 18;

Shoplifting — 139, an increase of 40;

Stealing — 272, up five;

Attempted stealing — one, an increase of one;

Vehicle theft — 13, down one;

Sex-related offenses — 15, up five;

Fraud/forgery/counterfeiting — 67, a drop of 12;

Property damage — 151, a decline of 76 cases;

Possession/receiving stolen property — two, down three;

Trespassing — 20, a decrease of one;

Possession/sale of drugs — 122, an increase of five;

Manufacture of drugs — five, up one;

Child abuse/neglect — 18, an increase of six;

Possession of alcohol by a minor — 20, up one;

Supply alcohol to a minor — two, up one;

Resisting arrest (state offense) — three, a decrease of one;

Resisting arrest (city offense) — three, down two;

Drug overdose, eight, an increase of five;

Peace disturbance — 111, up eight; and

Harassment — nine, a drop of 10.