The contractor on the Pottery Road project said Wednesday he hopes the road can be reopened before the Washington Fair starts Aug. 7.

The project, which involves lowering a hill and making a near 90-degree turn less sharp, is staying pretty close to budget, said Rick Kleinheider with Richard Kleinheider Construction of Washington.

The road could possibly reopen Aug. 6, Kleinheider said, adding that he hopes the weather holds out.

His company was the lowest of three bidders on the project at $242,856.

The project also involves installing curb, gutter and storm sewer.

The 1,300-foot portion of Pottery Road where the work is taking place is closed during the project except for those people who live along that section.

The boundaries of the project are 1,200 feet north of the Highway A intersection and 1.6 miles south of the Highway 100 intersection.

Originally, the road district expected the project to take about six weeks to complete, and the project started July 2.

If the new blacktop is put down before the Fair, the project will be ahead of schedule, Kleinheider noted.

Road District Commissioner Bernie Westhoelter said if people are getting impatient for the road to reopen, they are just going to have to wait. People should be happy that the work is getting done as fast as it is thanks to the weather cooperating, Westhoelter said.

He said the project is moving along nicely, saying the contractor works every day except weekends.

Initially, Westhoelter said the goal was to get the work completed before school starts so the project would not interfere with school buses.

If the road reopens for the Fair, the only work that will remain will be some seeding and fixing up yards, Kleinheider said. That should not require the road to be closed again.

The road district is paying for the project out of its own budget and has also applied for a $121,428 county transportation grant.