The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission approved a preliminary plat and recommended approval of a variance for Jacqueline Miller’s property.

The commission unanimously supported both items for the property located west of Grand Avenue and south of Westlink Drive.

The preliminary plat called for a subdivision of the 84-plus acre agricultural property into three lots.

“You’re not talking about a subdivision of homes, it’s just a subdivision of land,” Mayor Sandy Lucy said.

Lot 1, on the northern part of the property, would be the smallest property at 6.419 acres. The second lot, the largest, would be 67.401 acres. The third lot, where Miller’s home is located, will be 10.297 acres.

The commission had no issue with the divisions.

Darren Lamb, city and economic development director, said in addition to the plat, the applicant also is requesting a variance. Lamb said the variance relates to the minimum lot width at the front setback line.

The variance would apply to Lots 2 and 3.

Lamb said Lot 2 is proposing to have access directly off of West Main Street. on the north side with a 40-foot-wide “strip” acceptable based on the proposed land use.

Lot 3 has access to a 50-foot easement off of Grand Avenue (Le Menagerie Lane) as opposed to right of way.

“If in the future, for some reason, Lot 3 is subdivided, there is that 50-foot easement there that could be the right of way,” Lamb said.

Lamb said city staff didn’t see any reason to oppose the variance.

“You’re not seeing an increase in the number of residential units out there,” Lamb said.

The commission unanimously agreed and recommended support of the proposed variance.