The Washington School Board last Wednesday approved new administrative salary ranges, and individual salaries for principals, directors and administrators for the 2014-15 school year.

The salaries were included under the personnel report as part of the consent agenda.

New board member Becky Voelkerding asked if the personnel report could be tabled until next month so she could have more time to review the salary schedule, along with the salary analysis conducted and budget.

Voelkerding’s motion failed to receive a second and the board voted to approve the personnel report which also included staff changes, such as reassignments, retirements, transfers, extra-duty assignments, substitutes and changes in hours.

Earlier in the meeting, the certified teacher salary schedule was approved 7-0, with teachers receiving an average 3 percent pay increase.

School officials recently completed an extensive salary analysis, something they do about every three years, to make sure salary ranges for both teachers and administrators are competitive both with the schools districts in the three counties the Washington School District takes in — Franklin, Warren and St. Charles, — and those in the Cooperating School District, which includes St. Louis County.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer said the salary data study identified gaps in some areas, and adjustments were made based on averages as compared to the three-county area and Cooperating School District.

Administrative salaries approved for 2014-15 are as follows:

Elementary Principals (11-month contracts) — Joselyn Schluss, Marthasville Elementary, $81,000; Aimee Harty, South Point Elementary, $77,500; Kim Hunt, Washington West Elementary, $83,000; and Matt Busekruss, Clearview Elementary, $82,000.

Schluss and Busekruss are both new hires for the district. Harty is currently assistant principal at Washington West Elementary,

Small School Elementary Principals (200-day contracts) — Glenda Leslie, Fifth Street Elementary, $66,089.64; Mary Robertson, Augusta Elementary, $61,912.83; Jennifer Meyer, Campbellton Elementary, $67,543.61; and Jennifer Pecka, Labadie Elementary, $58,000.

Leslie is currently principal at Labadie. She will serve as principal at Fifth Street next year, as well as assistant principal at Washington West. Pecka is currently a kindergarten teacher.

Elementary Assistant Principal — Cara Jones (195 days), South Point Elementary, $63,326.41.

Early Learning Center — Dawn Hellebusch (11-month contract), $99,104.52; and Pat Frank, (195 days), Parents as Teachers coordinator, $48,080.76.

Hellebusch is currently principal at Clearview Elementary.

Middle School (11-month contracts) — Ron Millheiser, principal, $107,220.15; and Laura Bruckerhoff, assistant principal, $82,283.34.

Millheiser currently serves as co-principal with Susan Harms, who is retiring. Bruckerhoff is currently principal at Marthasville Elementary.

High School — Dr. Frank Wood (12-month contract) principal, $129,594.91; Dr. Kelle McCallum (12-month contract), associate principal, $97,497.32; John Ragan (11-month contract), assistant principal, $101,164.76; Steven Pryor (11-month contract), assistant principal, $79,335.64, and Bill Deckelman (12-month contract) athletic director, $93,979.54.

Four Rivers Career Center — Randy Kosark, director, $101,492.75; Andy Robinson, assistant director/placement coordinator, $86,714.15; and Sherri Schaefer, adult education coordinator, $68,976.78.

District Office (12-month contracts) — Dr. Lori VanLeer, superintendent, $155,031.84; Dr. Judy Straatmann, assistant superintendent, $128,000; Dr. Brendan Mahon, assistant superintendent, $127,600; Shelley Kinder, CFO, $109,612; and Dr. Rachael Franssen, director of student services, $104,944.

Technology (12-month contracts) — Dale Loesing, network administrator, $90,651.57; and Rob Landers, technology coordinator, $77,425.40.

Warehouse — Kevin Hunewill, director of buildings and grounds, $81,940.90; and Jill Poepsel, food service coordinator, $49,220.