Washington City Council members discussed and made some changes Monday night to a proposed street vending ordinance.

A revised version of the ordinance will be submitted for further discussion at an upcoming meeting, City Counselor Mark Piontek said.

“I expect them to take another look at it before making any decision on adopting the ordinance,” Piontek told The Missourian.

The idea of an ordinance allowing street vendors, with conditions, was raised last month after Jeff Adams asked the council to grant him permission for outdoor vending in front of his business, Flavors Old Tyme Sodas & More, on Front Street.

In early 2010, the council approved a special use permit to allow a vendor with a hot dog cart to operate during certain hours in front of Otis Campbell’s on Front Street. That special use permit was for one year.

Piontek told the council last month that he was drafting an ordinance that would make the process of getting a street vending permit less cumbersome than going through the special use permit process.

The proposed ordinance, as amended, would regulate both sidewalk vendors and vehicle vendors. A vehicle vendor would be a person who sells goods, foods and beverages from a “wagon, pushcart, handcart or other vehicle,” while a sidewalk vendor would be one who sells items from a sidewalk or other public right of way, other than a roadway or roadway median.

A sidewalk vendor would be able to sell items from “a booth, stall, stand, table, wagon, pushcart, handcart to other nonmotorized vehicle or from a pack, basket or similar container, or handheld display.”

Approved vendors would be allowed to sell between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily and would be required to obtain an annual license for $60 which is the same as for a regular business license, according to the proposed ordinance.

Vending District

The boundaries for the vending district would be Front Street on the north, Fifth Street on the south, Stafford Street on the west and Market Street on the east.

The ordinance would not prohibit established merchants from “occupying with their goods, wares, merchandise, flowers, food or beverages, a limited portion of the sidewalk adjacent to the property occupied by them . . .”

Vendors also would be required to show proof of liability insurance coverage of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence, and $100,000 for property damage.


The council deleted provisions that would have regulated vendors within festival districts in the city.

Also deleted from the proposed ordinance was a provision limiting the number of vending permits to 10 at any given time and limiting the number of permits issued to a “person, partnership or corporation” to two within the vending district.

The proposed measure also includes a number of rules for vendors, including ones prohibiting them from obstructing a sidewalk or street, requiring them to maintain a clean, sanitary area and requiring them to operate a certain number of days and hours.