The riverfront trail officially reopened Thursday morning after flooding caused it to close for about 1 1/2 weeks.

Signs and barricades on both ends of the trail warned people to stay off; however, people moved the barricades and ignored the signage, said Darren Dunkle, parks director.

Prior to reopening the trail, a parks department crew had to clear 6 to 12 inches of mud off the trail, as well as debris and tree limbs that washed onto the trail.

A road grader was brought in to push mud to the sides, Dunkle said. Then, a water truck was used to hose off the trail.

Once it was dry, a sweeper was brought in to remove dirt and other materials.

Cleaning the approximately three-mile trail is an ongoing process, Dunkle said, as areas on both sides of the trail are still muddy and some debris still needs to be removed.

The trail is open and usable, but Dunkle said people should try to stay on the trail so they don’t slip or fall in mud on the sides.

Debris will continue to be cleared. When there is a spell of dry weather, the area will need to be regraded.