Washington police want to reunite owners with property that was stolen from a number of parked vehicles over the past several weeks.

Police are asking anyone who may be missing items from cars to come forward and claim them. People should call 636-390-1057 if they believe they are a victim.

Police recovered approximately 10 items Sunday, Dec. 30, when they responded to a domestic assault incident at an apartment in the downtown area, Detective Steve Sitzes said.

They later learned during the investigation that the items had been stolen from parked cars.

About 10 items, ranging from GPS trackers, camera, a firearm and CDs, were recovered initially. Last weekend, more items were recovered from the same suspect, a 19-year-old Washington man, according to Detective Sgt. Brad Erisman.

Erisman said detectives believe that some of the thefts may have occurred in other communities in the area, including Pacific and Union.

As of Monday, one victim had contacted police about the thefts, Erisman said.

Police planned to apply for felony charges against the suspect this week.

The man currently is on probation in previous felony cases, according to online court documents.