A request to rezone an existing home on Jefferson Street for a proposed office had won first-round approval.

The request from Jason Unnerstall is to rezone the property at 1251 Jefferson from R-1B, single-family residential, to C-4, planned commercial.

During their meeting Tuesday night, the city’s planning and zoning commission voted unanimously to recommend the rezoning. The application now goes to the city council for a public hearing and final decision.

Under C-4 zoning, a developer must submit a development site plan for separate review by the commission, it was explained.

Jerry Kuenzel, 1301 Jefferson, said he does not object to Unnerstall’s proposal but he expressed concern about how the property could be used if it is sold.

Samantha Cerutti Wacker, member, noted that a new owner would have to submit a development plan for review. “This board or the city doesn’t have to approve it (development plan),” she said.

The owner will have to comply with all city codes, including providing buffers between the commerical and residential properties, said City Engineer Dan Boyce.

Boyce said Jefferson Street is designated as commercial in the city’ comprehensive plan.