The development of a skate park, currently under construction at Optimist Park on Ninth Street, is ahead of schedule.

Darren Dunkle, parks director, said that even with the cold weather, crews have made progress. About a third of the way through the projected time line, Dunkle estimated that the skate park is 50 percent complete.

Work began the last week of November. Crews have until the end of February to finish the project.

The city is working with American Ramp Company, doing business as Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks, for construction of the park.

Once the company has completed its contractual obligations, the city will fill in some cracks and seal the existing tennis courts.

The skate park does not take up the entire existing footprint of where the tennis courts were, Dunkle explained, so the city will seal it to make everything a solid, uniform color.

The city also will be responsible for adding a drain on the outside perimeter so there is no standing water at the park.

Opening of the skate park is expected this spring.