Washington School District Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer is continuing to visit school buildings and meet with principals.

“I spend time looking at data with each principal, and we talk about their building goals, the evaluation process, concerns they may have, questions I may have,” said VanLeer.

“After my conversations with each principal, I walk through classrooms to visit staff and observe student learning,” she added.

VanLeer said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Judy Straatmann and Special Services Director Dr. Rachael Franssen are currently conducting principal observations as they look to “grow” the evaluation process in terms of consistency and understanding for the leadership team.

“The evaluation change is experiencing some growing pains, but overall, the leadership in each building is in classrooms more and they are having more conversations with the educators — that is a good thing,” she said.

“Kids also tend to be better behaved and the overall building more safe when we are spending time doing what matters — monitoring student learning,” she noted.

VanLeer said one of her goals for the school year is to visit with staff, thank them and build relationships.

Nurse Evaluations

The superintendent also said Chris Redd, RN and LPN instructor at the Four Rivers Career Center, will be assisting her with nurse evaluations.

Redd will do a formative observation with each nurse between now and Dec. 17.

“She is utilizing a checklist, very similar to what she uses when in clinicals observing nursing students,” VanLeer said.

Redd also is conducting a documentation audit, reviewing monthly logs, health assessments and hard copy files, reviewing medicine procedures, asking questions about delegation procedures and assessing emergency and health plans.