Leaf pickup in Washington will continue through next week, according to Jack Brinker, street supervisor.

Pickup began Monday on the east end of town.

By the end of Tuesday, crews were expected to have finished near Highway 47.

Brinker said workers are picking up leaves on some side streets, where there is enough room for the machines, as well as main thoroughfares.

Once leaves have been picked up once, likely by the end of next week, Brinker said his crews will start over and go through town a second time.

Brinker reminded citizens to keep the leaves behind the curb and not in the curb or in the street.

Branches blown down by Sunday’s windstorm also can be set on curbs, Brinker said.

“Anything from the storm we will be by to pick up within a couple of weeks,” he said.

He noted that branches would be picked up at a separate time from leaves and after the leaf removal has been completed.