City of Washington

The public hearing for the Washington comprehensive plan is set for Monday, March 11, at 7 p.m. at city hall.

The city has been working on the plan with The Lang Gang Inc., a consultant hired to help develop the plan, since November 2011. In January 2012, the first comprehensive plan steering committee meeting was held.

The document in its entirety is available for viewing on the city’s website,

Darren Lamb, community and economic development director, noted that there are four pages of amendments that will be incorporated into the plan. The amendments are in the online document.

“We are encouraging people to attend the meeting and voice their opinion,” Lamb said. “This is really the last public meeting in the process to address any concerns or questions they have with the document.”

A resolution will be considered during the planning and zoning meeting.

The comprehensive plan is the only document the planning and zoning committee has the authority to approve. A resolution of support will be sought from the city council if it is approved.

“It gives planning and zoning some directives,” Lamb said, adding that it will be up to the commission to figure out how to tackle the goals and objectives.

“This really gives the blueprint for the community and gives planning and zoning something to base future decisions on.” Lamb said the document is meant for planning purposes to be used for about 10 years.

The plan features six focus segments: aesthetics, civic improvement, land use, transportation/infrastructure, parks/recreation/open space and economic development. Each focus area has several goals and objectives to meet.

There are about 42 goals and 144 objectives. A future land use map and major street plan also are included in the plan.

The plan also helps the commission anticipate future land usage, which is beneficial when looking at zoning requests, as well as when the city is looking at its transportation networks and development.

“I believe the comprehensive plan in its present form is a document which is truly reflective of the community and its future needs,” said Dan Lang, with The Lang Gang, Inc. “I would encourage the public to become familiar with the plan and to offer their comments at the public hearing.”

The document was prepared in conjunction with Arcturis and Washington Engineering and Architecture.

Throughout the planning process, which was expected to take 12 to 18 months, Washington residents were invited to provide input on the draft plan through public visioning sessions. The public hearing is the final step in the approval process.

Committee members include Scott Breckenkamp, Tim Brinker, Bob Dobsch, Gayle Hachman, Tom Holdmeier, Sandy Lucy, Terri McLain, Gretchen Aubuchon Pettet, Julie Scannell, Tessie Steffens, John Vietmeier, Kurt Voss and Carolyn Witt.

Lang thanked steering committee members and the community for their work on the plan.