Despite the brief appearance of spring earlier this week, work is still stalled at the Washington All-Abilities Park.

Parks and Recreation Director Darren Dunkle said the next step in the project involves placing concrete which requires sustained ideal conditions, not just a few nice days.

“It has to be a constant temperature above 45 degrees and you can’t have moisture in the ground,” Dunkle said. “That’s the problem. You’ll have one or two nice days and everyone expects someone to be out there working.”

Before the parks department can get to work, concrete must be laid down.

“They have to finish a concrete sidewalk, to finish a concrete pad that goes underneath the playground,” Dunkle said. “Once they get that done, they’ll be putting up the fencing. Then we will start our layout for the equipment.”

Dunkle said as soon as the weather breaks for more than a few days, work on the park will resume.

“The construction company said they will be out there as soon as the moisture is out of the ground,” Dunkle said. “As soon as we get that done, we’ll start making our preparations.”

The last part of the project will be placing the surfacing down on the site. The parks department already has the surfacing and is storing it in large boxes at the city pool.

“We didn’t have a lot of places that are safe and secure, so that’s where we put them,” he said.

The weather delay was expected and Dunkle said it has had no impact on the completion date for the project. He said he’s still targeting things to be finished this spring.

Ronsick Field

Ronsick Field will have one less team using it this season. St. Francis Borgia Regional High School will no longer be playing games at the field.

“They have put artificial turf at their facility, so they will be playing games there,” Dunkle said.

Dunkle said the loss of revenue from losing Borgia isn’t very significant and shouldn’t have a big impact on the parks department.

“It really doesn’t do much to the department,” Dunkle said. “They only had a handful of games up there anyway. We still have Washington High School, Crosspoint Christian High School, American Legion, Washington Youth Sports Association and a men’s league that play up there.”

With Borgia out, Dunkle said he won’t be looking for another team to fill the spot.

“Usually what happens is, when someone drops off, I usually have other groups that want to pick up more time,” Dunkle said. “That’s always been a battle with the field over the years. When you have a nice field, a lot of people want to use it. Looking at our schedule, for the most part, there’s not a lot of empty dates.”