A local woman said a black widow spider was found in a container of grapes purchased at the Washington ALDI store.

She said her husband found the living black widow in the container of grapes Thursday night. The grapes were purchased about a week before.

The spider must have been hiding in the bottom of the container, said Donna Buchholz of Washington. She said she had fed some of the grapes to her grandchildren before she knew the spider was there.

She is not the only person to find a black widow in grapes purchased from ALDI.

A photographer for a St. Louis TV station also reported finding a black widow in his grapes that he purchased from the ALDI in Chesterfield Valley.

ALDI issued a statement that it removed the product from stores and warehouses in the St. Louis area.

Customers who are not fully satisfied with products are entitled to a refund, the statement adds.

Buchholz said she emailed ALDI customer service and plans to let the local store know what happened and get a refund.