The Washington jail is able to house prisoners again after a new DVR Control Replacement was installed.

The Washington City Council approved the purchase of a new system from Teltron for the city’s public safety building at last week’s meeting. The system will cost $6,779.

Washington Police Chief Ken Hahn said Teltron finished installing the system early last week.

The police department had been unable to use the jail cells at the public safety building since June 25. Just before 10 a.m. that morning, fire crews responded to a report of a burning electrical odor.

It was soon discovered the DVR Control Unit, which controls the camera video system, was smoking. The malfunction caused the entire camera system to become inoperable.

With the system down, prisoners have been transported to the Franklin County Sheriff’s facility.

Teltron gave the city two options to get the system back up and running. The first was a replacement of the old system with the old technology at a cost of $9,331.

The second option, the one the city chose, was a whole replacement with all new equipment.