Washington City Council members will hold public hearings Monday night on the proposed 2011-12 fiscal year budget and on revised flood insurance maps for the community.

Hearings also will be held on a request for rezoning and a special use permit for 111 W. Fifth St., where a used tire processing operation is proposed.

The regular council meeting is slated to get under way at 7 p.m.

The new budget proposes total spending of $41,650,257 for the fiscal year which starts Oct. 1. Revenue is projected at $52,456,082, which includes $18,251,595 in anticipated reserves in all funds and new revenue of $28,233,000. Also included in that amount is $5,971,4427 from other financing sources.

Following are the proposed spending totals by category:

General fund, $9,346,370;

Library fund, $475,895;

Volunteer Fire Company fund, $1,000,835;

Vehicle and equipment replacement fund, $536,500;

Capital improvement sales tax fund, $6,413,300;

Transportation sales tax fund, $2,400,000;

Debt service funds, $4,336,812;

Water fund, $1,790,805;

Sewage treatment fund, $4,145,415;

Solid waste fund, $2,360,630;

Agency funds, $4,099,485; and

Other financing uses, $4,644,215.

New Flood Maps

The new floodplain maps were prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and must be adopted by Oct. 18.

If it fails to approve the new maps, citizens will not be able to purchase flood insurance through FEMA’s national insurance program and if there is a flood, the city may not be eligible for disaster aid.

The new maps will replace the current maps that were adopted in 1982.

The city’s planning and zoning commission held two public meetings on the new flood maps and codes and both times recommended the city council approve them.

After the public hearing, the council will vote on ordinances adopting the new floodplain maps and repealing the old ordinance.