The actions of one have ruined the fun for all.

The temporary ice rink, which had been set up at the swine pavilion at the fairgrounds, has been taken down after someone attempted to skate on it when it wasn’t completely frozen.

The liner was cut in several spots, according to Darren Dunkle, parks director.

“We will have to assess the damage and see if we can have it patched for next year,” Dunkle said.

Cindy Frankenberg, parks department secretary, said it is unclear if the actions were intentional, but noted that there are “No Skating” signs posted.

“We can’t really say what happened, but they weren’t supposed to be on it,” she said.

Dunkle agreed.

“I don’t think anyone intentionally meant to damage it, but they did intentionally avoid the ‘Closed’ sign and move the barricade,” he said.

One of the multiple slices in the liner is nearly 2 feet long, Frankenberg said. At this point, officials aren’t sure if the liner can be repaired.

This is the second year the ice rink has been set up at the fairgrounds, however, it never froze last year. There are several speculations as to why it didn’t freeze, including pipes that lay beneath the ground, the cement slab it lays on or that it has a roof.

The 55-foot by 135-foot liner, which sat inside a 4-inch-tall border, was purchased from Nice Rink for about $1,500.

Plans were to leave the rink up until the end of February, Frankenberg said.