The Washington Police Department will move forward in accepting the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEGB).

Capt. Ed Menefee addressed the council Monday night at its administrations/operations committee meeting seeking permission to accept the $10,000 grant which will be used to purchase equipment.

The city applies for the grant annually. Menefee explained that the department forgot to request permission to apply for the grant and would need a commitment from the city for its portion.

The LLEBG assumes 90 percent of the cost and the city is responsible for the final 10 percent, Menefee noted. The funds will be dispensed through the department of justice through the department of public safety.

“We were denied this grant last year, as well as a few years out of the last five or so due to the economy,” a letter to the council stated.

If final approval is given, the grant will fund two digital in-car cameras for the department.

Final approval of the grant is contingent upon submitting minor revisions to the application, which were to be completed by Nov. 27. If the revisions are not submitted, the department forfeits the grant.

There was no council discussion on the issue.

The department will give a preliminary acceptance and the final decision from the council will come at the full meeting Dec. 2.