City of Washington

The city’s landfill project has hit a snag that will delay the project completion, City Engineer Dan Boyce told the city council Monday night.

The original date for completing the new landfill cell was Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Boyce said the contractor, J.H. Berra Construction Co. has an additional 10 days of work to complete the project, including installing a liner and adding a 2-foot soil cover over the liner.

The company to install the liner was scheduled to be in Washington Nov. 20, but there was a timing conflict. Now, Boyce said, the company is unavailable until after Dec. 1.

“We’re looking at a date of mid-December at the earliest, weather-permitting,” Boyce said.

In the interim, the contractor will cover what is at the site to prevent freeze-thaw damage. The soil will have to be removed at the contractor’s cost until the liner is installed.

There is a $950 per day penalty for not completing the project on time.

Boyce said the contractor believes the company is warranted a few extra days.

“It’s going to be an issue,” Boyce said, adding if the weather does not cooperate, the worst-case scenario would be that the project would have to be completed when the weather breaks in the spring.

Boyce said he is unsure how penalties would work if the weather doesn’t hold out.

The excavation is being done to bring the city into compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources which cited the city several years ago for overfilling Phase I.

Excess trash from the landfill’s first cell does not have to be moved until August. Boyce said there is enough space at the current cell to last until that time.

City council members raised concern about moving the excess trash.

Originally, the plan was to move the trash during the winter months so there would be less of an odor.