In the future, Washington may have a special district for street vendors.

City council members will be discussing that possibility at an upcoming meeting.

“We don’t have a very modern ordinance now,” City Counselor Mark Piontek said during this week’s council meeting.

The notion of passing an ordinance to allow street vendors, with conditions, was raised after Jeff Adams asked the council to grant him permission for outdoor vending in front of his business, Flavors Old Tyme Sodas & More, on Front Street.

In early 2010, the council approved a special use permit to allow a vendor with a hot dog cart to operate during certain hours in front of Otis Campbell’s on Front Street. That special use permit was for one year.

Piontek told the council he is working on a draft ordinance that would “open up” the process and not be “so cumbersome.”

“Now, you can’t have one on public right of way,” he told the council.

One councilman asked why the city would want to change that.

Piontek noted that the city did it before for the hot dog vendor.

“I propose we have a special area, a downtown vending district,” Piontek said.

He said it could be modeled after the vending district in the city of St. Louis.

Council members agreed to discuss the idea at the next committee workshop.