To assess elementary guidance and counseling needs, the Washington School District recently conducted an online survey.

Students in grades three through six were encouraged to take the survey, as well as parents and teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Officials said data from the survey will help shape the future of the elementary guidance and counseling program.

The survey deadline was Nov. 26.

The student surveys were anonymous with only the grade, school and gender listed.

Students were asked to mark yes or no to 37 statements, many of which started with “I need help with ....”

Students were asked if they needed help with a wide range of issues, including making and keeping friends; understanding the dangers of drugs; feeling better of themselves; managing anger/sadness; following directions and staying on task; and completing and returning homework.

Students also were asked if they feel comfortable going to see a counselor with school or personal concerns; if they liked coming to school; and if they understand why a good education is important.

At the end of the survey, students could list any needs or concerns not included on the survey or issues they would like the school to help them with.

The counseling department said survey results will help them ensure they are developing and providing programs that meet students’ needs or if other programs and activities are needed on certain topics.

The same statements were on the parents and teachers survey to garner their opinions and thoughts.

Parents and teacher surveys also were anonymous.