Washington’s comprehensive plan is on track to be completed by the end of the year, Dan Lang of the Lang Gang Inc. told steering committee members Thursday.

The Lang Gang is the consultant hired by the city to help develop the 20-year plan.

The steering committee has scheduled extra meetings to discuss objectives set to meet various goals in the plan. With four focus groups complete, the group only has two more to look through.

Focus groups include aesthetics, civic improvement, land use, transportation/infrastructure, parks/recreation/open space and economic development.

During the meetings, committee members look at each objective, discuss proper wording and weigh whether to add or delete certain objectives.

The next steering committee meeting is set for Thursday, Oct. 25, from 3 to 5 p.m. at city hall. The goal is to discuss the last two focus group topics.

Once the objectives are in a form the committee is happy with, a public meeting will be held for members of the community to look at and discuss. The community will be welcome to make suggestions to the plan.

Booth Results

A booth was set up at the Fall Festival of the Arts and Crafts in Downtown Washington Sept. 22-23.

Russ Volmert, director of planning for Arcturis, manned the booth.

Arcturis is a St. Louis-based company whose role is on the public participation side of the comprehensive plan development.

The booth displayed informational boards to inform the public of the comprehensive planning process, the plan goals and schedule.

Draft plan goals for each of the six focus topics also were presented.

Though Volmert said he wasn’t sure how many stopped by the booth, there was a consistent flow of people looking at the boards and asking questions, especially Saturday evening.

Volmert said most of the inquiries or comments were in the categories of housing, improving the riverfront and traffic on Highways 100 and 47.

There also were a few comments about improving parks and improving downtown. Some booth visitors noted concerns about Fifth Street. Comments included that there are too many vacant lots and poorly maintained properties on the street.

Most people were aware that the comprehensive planning process was in progress, Volmert said.

The next public participation meeting is expected to be held during the first part of November.