A local man says someone pretending to be his grandson tried to scam him out of $20,000 last Thursday.

Willard Hoemann of Washington said the person pretending to be his grandson said he was in a Mexican jail and needed money to get bailed out.

The fake grandson also pleaded with Hoemann to not tell his parents he was in jail for pushing a man down the stairs.

Hoemann was suspicious because he had just seen his grandson leave for college the day before.

Hoemann did not fall for the scam and kept asking the person on the other line for a phone number. The crook said he could not provide a phone number because he was only allowed two phone calls.

Hoemann called the sheriff’s office about the incident and did not fall for the scam.

A strange aspect of the scam was that the person knew his grandson’s name and imitated his voice well, Hoemann said.

“It’s crazy,” Hoemann added. “People around here need to be reminded to watch out for this stuff because it’s out there.”

Hoemann’s caller ID system said the name and number of the caller was unknown.

In a separate scam recently, a local man said he received an overseas call that he had won money in a sweepstakes but needed to pay the taxes first. The man did not fall for the scam.