Melvin Jones Fellows

Four members of the Washington Lions Club were selected as Melvin Jones Fellows. The honorees, from left, are James Feltmann Jr., president 1983-84; Joe Feltmann, president 1992-93; Stephen Holzem, president 1967-68; and Dr. Kenneth Buchmann, president 1990-91.

The Washington Lions Club selects Lions who have performed outstanding service to their club, community and fellow man to be fellows. In the 75-year history of the Lions in Washington, only 25 Lions have been selected as Melvin Jones Fellows. The fellowship is named after Melvin Jones, one of the founders of the Lions Club in 1917. ?   Missourian Photo.

Four Washington Lions Club members recently were named Marvin Jones Fellows.

The new Fellows are Dr. Kenneth Buchmann, Stephen Holzem, James Feltmann Jr., and Joseph Feltmann. All four are past Lions presidents.

The Melvin Jones Fellows are Lions who have performed outstanding service to their club, community and fellow man.

Buchmann was the Washington Lions president from 1990-91. He joined the Lions Jan. 6, 1987. While president of the Lions, the club became the first in the Washington area to adopt a highway section. The club adopted a two-mile section of Highway 100 east of Washington.

Holzem joined the Lions Feb. 4, 1964. He served as president from 1967-68.

James Feltmann Jr. became a Lion March 15, 1977, and was president from 1983-84. He is a third generation Lion. His grandfather, John, was a charter member. His father, James Feltmann Sr. also is a member. James Feltmann Jr. sponsored his son, Matthew, a fourth-generation Lion.

Joseph Feltmann joined the club Oct. 23, 1984. He was president from 1992-93. Like his brother James, Joseph is a third-generation Lion. His son Brian, a fourth-generation member, is the current first vice president and could be the fourth Feltmann to serve as club president.

The Washington Lions Club Melvin Jones Fellows are a small select group. Including this the four new Fellows, only 25 have been honored during the 75-year history of the club.