The Washington School Board last Wednesday discussed whether to continue with program evaluations at its monthly meetings.

No decision was made and the board will take up the issue at its November meeting.

Each month, directors or supervisors of various district programs give a report to the board, including goals for the year, strengths and weaknesses, and other general information.

Written reports with key information also is included in the board packet for board members to review prior to the meetings.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer said at least one board member had indicated he didn’t think it was necessary to have supervisors or directors give presentations at the meetings when board members had the written report.

VanLeer said she doesn’t have a preference and it was up to the board to decide.

Most board members said they liked the presentations because they could ask questions and get more information if needed.

Board member Jennifer Triplett said she likes the interaction with the presenter.

“I do too,” said Board President Scott Byrne.

VanLeer said the directors and supervisors also like the interaction with the board.

Board member Dan Contarini said he was the one who proposed possibly doing away with the oral reports because everything is in the written report.

Board member Trish Mitchell said she favored having the directors at the meetings.

Contarini said he was OK with continuing with the reports if that’s what the rest of the board wants.

A suggestion was made to have fewer presentations, but board members said that could send the wrong message that one program was more important than another.

“We can talk about it again next month,” said VanLeer.