The Washington Planning and Zoning Commission had no issues with a proposed sketch plan.

Megan and Scott Meyer made a request to Franklin County for a subdivision plat that would divide off close to 3 acres into two separate parcels. The subdivision is proposed to be named Captiva Estates.

The property, located southeast of South Point and Bieker Roads, is just outside of the city limits. Because the property is so close, the city was allowed to weigh in and make suggestions to Franklin County.

Darren Lamb, community and economic development director, said the city hasn’t had issues with this type of subdivision in the past.

“In the past we haven’t really had any comments on these type of things,” Lamb said. “These are big lots and they have access to a public roadway.”

The commission had no issues with the request and said the county’s requirements were sufficient. The commission elected to not pass along any comments to the county.

“It seems like the county covered this one pretty thoroughly,” Councilman Greg Skornia said.