Washington City Council members will continue to study the city’s noise ordinance.

Brian Boehmer, assistant city administrator, presented a draft ordinance to the council Monday night.

The ordinance mimics the current ordinance, but adds compression release engine braking systems (or Jake brakes) to the list of “loud, disturbing and unnecessary noises” that would violate the ordinance.

The draft ordinance states that “the use, operation or engagement of any compression release engine braking system within the city of Washington which is designed to slow the speed of a vehicle by turning the engine into an air compressor (commonly referred to as a Jacobs Brake, engine brake or compression brake)” is prohibited.

Other noises on the ordinance include horns and signaling devices while not in motion except as a danger signal or if in motion, excessive or prolonged sounding except as a danger signal; loud speakers or amplifiers; radios, and music players, etc.

City council members Josh Brinker and Jeff Patke expressed concern that the ordinance would restrict the use of the brakes, however; other council members thought the ordinance only restricted excessive noise caused by the brakes.

Police Chief Ken Hahn said that the way the ordinance reads, it could restrict the use of the brakes altogether.

The ordinance should make it illegal to the use the brakes in an “unnecessarily loud” manner, Hahn said.

It will go back to the city counselor, Mark Piontek, for review.

The council will vote on the ordinance at a later date.