Despite an official request, the Washington Park Board’s AD-OP Committee voted against naming the new tennis courts at Phoenix Park after Jim Pounds.

The request, filed by Nancy Burke, called for the facility to be named James E. Pounds Tennis Center at Phoenix Park and was endorsed in letters from the Franklin County Community Tennis Association, Randy L. Brown, Mark Lohan and Mike Hall.

Members of the committee stated that they have honored Jim Pounds in the best way they can and would prefer that the park not be named after one person before unanimously squashing the request at Monday night’s meeting.

Parks Director Darren Dunkle told the committee that progress was being made on the Phoenix Park tennis courts.

“We flooded the courts today (Thursday) to look for low and high spots. We found a few and we are going to level it,” he said. “We will begin painting tomorrow (Friday) and that is good news.”

A backboard, for single person practice purposes, could be constructed at the new courts, said Dunkle.

“The Franklin County Tennis Association has approached us about that possible addition,” he said. “That would allow for a person who just wants to practice alone.”

The committee also discussed the new skate park to be built at Optimist Park.

The Parks and Recreation Department will recommend the approval of the design submitted by Hardcore Design Studio, Inc., and enter into an agreement with Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks/American Ramp Company for the construction and construction management of the Optimist Park Skatepark in the amount of $250,263 to the Washington City Council Monday night, July 23.