The Washington City Council Monday agreed to pledge $50,000 toward the total cost of a study on the Highway 47 corridor between Washington and St. Clair.

The Highway 47 Corridor Committee has been studying the possibility of widening the highway to four lanes to help improve vehicle congestion and improve traffic flow.

Despite the 1-cent transportation tax failure, Mayor Sandy Lucy said the city has been encouraged by MoDOT to continue with the needed study.

The tax would have had to be approved by the voters, but the lawmakers said no to a proposed election.

Washington, Union, St. Clair and Franklin County have been asked to pitch in $50,000 each for the $200,000 study.

“This would be the same type of agreement that we have done in the past,” Mayor Sandy Lucy said. “If and when this project begins to get to the MoDOT procedures and (moves toward) completion, we would be reimbursed.”

Lucy said the funds would show that the city supports the cause and would allow Judy Wagner, MoDOT area engineer, to try to secure additional funding.

The money will come from the transportation fund.

Franklin County and Union have committed $50,000 each and St. Clair is working toward seeing what it can pledge.